Thursday, August 10, 2006


window tapes

window tapes
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Now that the compacts cassettes "time has passed" as it were, the aesthetic quality they have as a physical object continues to be perpeputed in the arts. As in this brilliant photo of a 'stained glass cassette window'..

Cruising around the the "cassette" tag in fact, I have come across the image of tape cassettes in the most interesting places. Not the least of which are as subjects for artists.

Right now I am looking at this shot of "retro media" from an exhibition in melbourne, a cassette artwork that looks like it was designed to be a poster or wallpaper, and lastly the image of a tape can even adorne the human body. amazing!

The aesthetics of the media itself is a quality lost in the digial environment as all interaction with the technology occurs via the interface, wether in iTunes, or on the iPod. There is no media 'there' any more.

hey these are really awesome.

I have enjoyed your blog so far, thougth you might enjoy some of my cassetter related art :)

thanks for the comment and the link.

Yours pics are wonderful!

Maybe I can post them here sometime?
hey dude, sure thing, I'd be honoured :)
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