Sunday, December 03, 2006


Joey Ramone's grave

Joey Ramone's grave
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All things must come to an end. And that goes double for this research project. I am collecting data up until the end of the month, and, the year. So if you have been thinking about contributing a photograph, nows your chance! If you are really interested I should let you know there will be an optional survey, that i know some people will enjoy taking. Because some people are like that.

I thought this was a touching photograph. Although it is not of a collection of tapes, it says quite a lot about the intimacy and depth of feeling that can be imbued on any physical object. Is this the same effect that makes some people hang to to their precious collections of mixtapes long after they have lost the ability to play them?

The cassette reads "GOD BLESS YOU JOEY."

a fitting memorial indeed.

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