Monday, July 31, 2006


yesterday once more

yesterday once more
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Posted last year, this photo probably represents what most of the tapes you have left looks like, assuming you can even find them. Thanks to Russell for also linking to this great article from the bbc.

Not long left for cassette tapes

which states...

However, terms such as fast forward, rewind, record and pause, everyday words bequeathed to us from the tape era, ensure that in the English language at least, the legacy of the cassette will survive.

What other wonders has this old media bestoed upon its several generations of users?

Sunday, July 30, 2006


#7 vodka pek

#7 vodka pek
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Physical media artefacts such as cassette tapes can be stored alongside other media types such as photographs and books. On our computers we are often forced to put music in one folder(s), photos in another, text files in another. There is no shelf upon which the most important items can be kept close at hand and on display for guests.

Saturday, July 29, 2006



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This collection has had some real effort put into it. Many mixes, many original covers and detailed typography.

Visible in this shot, I count...

56 tapes
1 storebought
9 with the word "Mix" on the side lable
1 custom cover


Budi's Cassette Collection

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This post turned up while googling "My Cassette Collection". Since I cannot expect everyone to join flickr to contribute to my research project, I will use this blog to link to other sites and collections I find scattered around the internet.

Budi Says...

I've been buying tapes since I was in high school (late 70s). Then I moved to Canada (in 1987). My collection stopped. Now, they are replaced by CDs and MP3s.


Cassette Stickie

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This was one of the earliest pics I found when searching flickr for images of cassettes. It's also the one I am using for the group pool I have created for my research project on collecting and archiving music.

Check it out !

Thanks to mr. la rue for the pic.


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